The book that’s all about making wooden bows and arrows.

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Wood Fever is a comprehensive guide for making wooden bows and arrows. It’s packed with illustrations, schematics, and background information. Step-by-Step it guides you through the process of transforming trees and boards into beautiful wooden bows (selfbows).

All steps are illustrated with more than 360 full-color pictures and drawings. In a clear and easy to understand fashion, you will learn all about:

  • Design and performance
  • Wood selection
  • Splitting logs and preparing boards
  • Drying wood
  • Making bow staves and raw bows
  • Tillering
  • Finishing
  • Maintenance
  • Strings and
  • Arrows

Wood Fever contains the essence of bow building.

Below: some page previews

Experience lifelong pleasure in making wooden bows! This full-color book explains how you can do that with local wood types and simple everyday tools and techniques.

Because Wood Fever is also loaded with background information it allows you to make your very own choices in the bow-making process. And there is much to choose! Once you know how, you will be able to make excellent bows from almost any type of wood. There truly is a bow in every tree.

So, go out there, find some wood, grab some tools, and experience the same thrills your ancestors did 10,000 years ago. Imagine: there you are, holding a piece of wood you’ve worked yourself, shooting feathered sticks, which close in on their goal with a whirring sound – and then hit it with a satisfying thwack. Big chance you will never be the same again: you’ve got wood fever.

Below: some bow building pictures. More nice examples of selfbows on this page (in Dutch).

About the author:
For almost 20 years, Jan van der Veen has been making and designing wooden bows. Through bow-building classes and his website he also helped hundreds of bow enthusiasts to get started in the ancient craft of Bowyery. Wood Fever is the culmination of these many years of hands-on experience.
Jan is living in The Netherlands.
Adres: Markt 21, 8754CM Makkum. Tel: 0031-647962065 Email: zelfbogenmaken at

Wood Fever is available in the Webshop or by Email


Raymond, U.S.A.
Well composed and great book. Wonderfully illustrated. If you want to make your own selfbow, then before you do anything else, buy a copy and read it cover to cover – it’ll save you a lot of time, trouble and potential heartache.

S. Wright. U.K.
A must have book for the aspiring bowyer. I’ve built many bows and probably read just as many books on the subject and this is one of the best. Armed with a copy of this book and some basic tools, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone couldn’t produce their own bow (and arrows). The information is laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow but also enjoyable to read. There’s a good selection of photographs and drawings which not only help explain what to do but also help you understand why you’re doing it – something often overlooked but something which will save you from many mistakes further down the line. The book doesn’t solely focus on one particular bow type nor does it limit itself to only one or two species of wood. On the contrary, many wood’s are discussed, most of which can be easily and cheaply sourced without too much trouble.

J. Comparnolle, Belgium
+ Clear instructions.
+ Written with a lot of passion and humour.
+ Easy to follow step-by-step guide.
+ Detailed descriptions of each picture.
+ Several metaphors make difficult concepts easy to understand.
!! Beware, once you’ve completed your first bow, there is no turning back !!

Ted Vandebint. U.K.
As a novice bowyer I found this book very enjoyable. The practical advice is great, it is logical, comprehensive, easy to follow and funny. The photos and illustrations are very clear (makes a change!) and in colour. Jan is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he has produced a really good primer that even the more experienced can benefit from. Stop twiddling and gadgeting, build yourself a proper bow and do traditional archery!